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We Are Getting Married!

Engagement shoots are always fun and a good time! I find myself interacting with women most when discussing shoots and their partner just comes along for the ride lol. So when I finally get to meet the couples and see them interact together I love it! It never cease to amaze me how people meet and their journey to love. This February I had the pleasure of photographing the engagement shoots of two women who have known me my whole life. Such a small world! It was such an honor to reconnect and see these women so happy and excited about their upcoming wedding.

First we have Tiffany and Aaron...

Aaron rides motorcycles and they decided to get include his bike in the shoot. I was here from it! They gave all kinds of Bonnie & Clyde tease in their all black motorcycle matching outfits. Their pictures were in a cute nook we found in Downtown Sumter, SC.

Next up we had Derrick and Denise! We had planned a cute outdoor session at the park but mother nature wanted to be a hater.

In a last minute search we discovered the very cute hotel lobby of the Tru Hilton in Sumter, SC. With their matching outfits and the hotel's awesome decor we were able to pull off a very nice session to celebrate their engagement and upcoming wedding!

We wish both of these couples nothing but the best as they embark on this new journey in life. Love conquers all! xoxo

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