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KSC Glam Squad 

Introducing the KSC Glam Squad! Since starting photography 2 years ago I have come to see the challenges my clients face when preparing for their shoots. Everyone doesn't get dolled up on a daily basic so you may not have your go to team to get you right. It's all good we have one! Meet the squad: Karessa, photographer and videographer (front center), from left to right: Regine Roberts-Lowery our visual storyteller. She is the owner of Burst Entertainment & Linex Rentals that specializes in custom event decor, prop set building and linen and decor rentals. Deidre Carter our fashion stylist. She is the owner of Prime Style and entity of Prime Sophistication Agency, LLC that specializes in assisting in curating the perfect outfit for any occasion. Dawntrell Wilson (Dawn) is our makeup artist. The owner of Faces by Dawn from natural to full on glam she will "beat your face to the gawds!" Latisa McConico is our hair stylist. She is the owner of LM Hair where she specializes in haircare and styling along with extension services, loc retwist and styling, custom wig units and more!

An awesome group of talented creative women that is here to help make your booking perfect! I'll be sharing more of each member's work on our Facebook page so make sure you are following but here is a small taste.

This beautiful photograph is not KSC's work however the beautiful chair prop is an example of what Burst Entertainment/Linex Rentals can provide. Awesome right!

Say you have a inspiration photo for your outfit but you don't have the time or skills to put it together to fit you and your style. Prime Style got you! Even if you have no idea what you want to wear or your style, Deidre can help!

Now one thing we all can agree on it we don't play about our hair! When you hair not right it can affect your entire mood. LM Hair's work speaks for itself. Weaves or your hair her hands work magic!

As a photographer people don't realize how important it is to us that our client MUA knows what they doing. Nothing can ruin a picture more than when your client face (skin tone) don't match there body...ugh!!! I have shoot several of Dawn's client and have never had any issues and the makeup hold up so well. For these reasons is why she on the squad.

Portrait work is KSC's stop seller. It is our specialty to capture our clients in the best way can. From outdoor to studio capture your most precious moments to cherish forever is our mantra!

KSC Glam Squad is so excited for the opportunity to work with you! Schedule a consultation and we can organize with whatever member you need to take your booking to the next level!

-xoxo Karessa

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