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Happy New Year!

Ok so we a month late but if you are anything like me then January doesn't count lol. Overall I hope 2020 is off to a great start for you. For KSC we have made some significant changes this year. This blog will go over some of the major ones quickly for you.

The biggest change is our website update. In an effort to make it easier for all clients (everyone isn't on social media) to be able to have more options to reach us we have moved booking strictly through

website. Now everyone can view all pricing for all the services we offer anytime and in the same place proceed to pick your date and book your service. We absolutely want to connect with each client so we still reach out personally to discuss your booking and/or you can book a scheduled consultation (for free). Revising of booking services will be a feature that we will consistently be updating as we see the need or more services need to be added. With that being said! To help you guys find what you are looking for easier we have created separate pages for our main services; weddings, portraits, and events. Over time on the booking tab we may further separate bookings into more specific names to make it even easier for you guys. We hope these changes help!

Fun changes included adding more options for props to create your ultimate vision for your photoshoot experience. We now can provide large helium balloons, free standing customize props, horses, chairs and more! We are really excited to see what cool ideas you guys come up with. To add to the experience we have introduced the KSC Glam Squad. From hair, makeup, clothing to decor the squad has you covered! A dedicated blog for the squad will be coming soon.

Policy changes are boring so I won't bore you here in this blog but there has been many updates. All clients are given a copy of our policies upon booking to help ensure an understanding what you should expect from us and what we expect of our clients. Any major updates will also be announced on our Facebook page. Oh yeah! Pleeease continue to like and follow our Facebook page ( There we post our full galleries so you can view our most recent work. You also get to see reviews, sales, specials, promotional visuals, etc that might not be posted here or delayed in posting here on the website.

Overall any changes that are made are to help. Whether to help my sanity lol or making things more awesome for you guys. We love to hear your feedback on the website or whatever at any time so feel free to us the contact form on the home page. Looking forward to an awesome 2020 with you guys!

xoxo Karessa

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